Five Things You Should Read

September 12, 2017

The C-Suite is graying, disclosures need to get specific about risks and ask for a LinkedIn endorsement the right way.

Equifax’s Seismic Breach Tests Trump Pledge to Dismantle Rules


Tighter constraints would mean further empowering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Investors Prefer It When Corporations Are Specific about the Risk They Face

Kellog Insight

The market values detailed risk disclosures. But executives should be cautious about oversharing.

How To Ask For A Recommendation That Will Actually Help Your Career

Fast Company

LinkedIn profiles with endorsements are viewed more by recruiters and show up higher in search results. But not all endorsements are created equal.

Financial Reporting Issues for Preparers

CPA Journal

Highlights from the 16th Annual Baruch College Financial Reporting Conference

How the Average Age of CEOs and CFOs Has Changed Since 2012


The C-suite age is climbing from 45 years old to 50 years old for CEOs and from 42 to 48 for CFOs.