Five Things You Should Read

October 4, 2017

Yahoo's worrying discovery, Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: 'You should be fired,' and the value of self assessment.

Yahoo Now Thinks All 3B Accounts Were Impacted by 2013 Breach, Not 1B as Thought

Tech Crunch

Internet giant Yahoo’s massive 2013 security breach has dealt the company yet another blow.

Can Regulators Embrace Fintech While Protecting Consumers?


The Fed is watching developments in fintech carefully, but it is not ready to embrace digital currencies as yet without further study.

Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: 'You Should Be Fired'

CNN Money

Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan of trying to cover up the bank's creation of millions of phony accounts and said he deserves to get fired.

Will New Accounting Standards Change Companies Behavior? Expert Says, 'Probably Not.'

Bloomberg BNA

Business departments won’t be pushing for shorter term leases just because the accounting department told them that the numbers have changed.

15 Questions To Ask As Part Of Your Own Leadership Audit


Some of the greatest leaders take a moment to assess their skills and activity using a leadership audit.