Five Things You Should Read

June 12, 2017

Blockchain tracker, changes for Uber, and the problem with high achievers.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick May Take a Temporary Leave of Absence From the Company

Business Insider

The meeting, which Uber has not publicized, could be a pivotal moment for the world's most valuable venture-backed private company.

Blockchain Tracker: Blockchain’s Possible Impact On The Economy


Blockchain could have an impact on the economy — is Russia leading the way with its current investments?

3 Things Are Holding Back Your Analytics, and Technology Isn’t One of Them

Harvard Business Review

Many firms find themselves struggling to take advantage of its promise. Here are three main obstacles to realizing analytics’ full value.

The Four Trends Driving Accounting Today

Accounting Today

Four seismic shifts are going on in the accounting landscape right now.

Studies Find High Achievers Underestimate Their Talents, While Underachievers Overestimate Theirs


When people are incompetent, not only do they reach wrong conclusions and make unfortunate choices but, also, they are robbed of the ability to realize their mistakes.