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Five Things You Should Read

July 31, 2017

5 digital tricks you should know, concern over "fake news" grows for employees, and a lesson in honesty for leaders.

Trump May Get Tax Reform Bill By Year's End, Rep. Brady Says

Fox Business

A tax reform bill could reach President Trump’s desk by year end.

Accounting Is Flawed, and Financial Disruptors Are Licking Their Chops

The Observer

Like them, love them, or loathe them, Millennials are a force to be reckoned with, especially for sectors not prepared for disruption — like accounting.

'How Did I Not Know This?' 5 Digital Tricks for Everyday Situations

USA Today

Five easy tricks for solving everyday digital problems.

Fake News Has Officially Infected The Workplace, And It's Bad


New data shows that employees are seeing an uptick in bad behaviors as a result of fake news and alternative facts.

How Honest Apologies Can Help Leaders Bounce Back


Business and government leaders will benefit greatly from showing genuine remorse when things go wrong, even if they aren’t personally responsible for a mess.