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December 26, 2017

5 tax decisions to consider before year's end and how to create a leadership positioning statement.

The "Carried Interest Loophole"

The Hill

President Trump promised to get rid of what he called the “carried interest loophole” during his campaign, saying those benefiting from the provision were “getting away with murder.” But his tax-cut bill makes just a minor adjustment to the provision, amending it so that the lower 24 percent rate would only count for investments held for at least three years. When asked during a recent interview, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady insisted most Americans didn’t know or care about carried interest.

5 Tax Decisions to Consider Before Year's End

Los Angeles Times

There are several things to talk to your adviser about doing before New Year’s Day to maximize new advantages and minimize the potential hit from other changes. You may want to pay your property taxes early, make extra mortgage payments, give more to charity, defer or accelerate incomes, and use expiring deductions.

How the FASB Plans to Ease Lease Rule Adoption

Compliance Week - Paywall

With work winding down to get ready for the massive shift in how to recognize revenue, the next major accounting change exercise still awaits—lease accounting. Luckily, the FASB plans to give companies some relief to ease their transition to the new accounting rules. They will change the lease rules to permit companies to adopt the new accounting beginning in 2019 without requiring restatement of historic periods. The FASB is also proposing to simplify the accounting for lessors, dropping a requirement to separately recognize lease and non-lease components in rental agreements.

Retirement Resolutions to Focus on in 2018


Start with your 401(k) plan at work or open an IRA if you don't have access to a workplace plan or want to supplement your savings. You may also consider a Roth option. With the unpredictability of future tax rates, it may be beneficial to have a mix of accounts with different tax treatments.

How to Create a Leadership Positioning Statement

Huff Post

The components of a positioning statement are simple. Start with the target, those whom will be impacted by your leadership. Next, define the type of leader you want to be. Determine how you will impact your target and, most importantly, why your target should follow you. Developing the statement will help you create your mission.