April 2024 Member Spotlight - Matthew Robertson


Title: Vice President of FP&A
Company:  Sherloq Solutions
Length of time you’ve been an FEI member: New member   
Work email: [email protected]
Work phone number: (813) 273-7763
Why did you join the FEI Tampa Bay Chapter? And what benefits have you realized from your membership?  
I joined FEI to network, make some new friends, continue my professional development, and learn more about the many great companies that are in the Tampa Bay area. My first event was the cybersecurity panel discussion in February and not only was it a lot of fun, but I learned very valuable information that will greatly help me in my current role. I also met some great and talented people and I very much look forward to developing those relationships at future events.  
How did you discover your passion for finance? 
My father was in finance at IBM and exposed me to that world at a young age. We would read Barron’s at the table every morning and talk about personal finance and I quickly got hooked on all things financial. I am also admittedly a nerd and have always loved numbers, math, and statistics. 
What is one piece of information you wish someone had told you when you first started your finance career? 
Spend as much time as possible, and learn as much as possible, from the people around you who are more accomplished than yourself. Good leaders are willing to come alongside you on your journey, but you must ask and show that you want it.
What do you love most about working as a financial executive? 
Training and mentoring have always been my favorite parts of the job. I rarely think back on creating a great model or nailing a budget, but it gives me great pleasure to see former colleagues grow in their careers. If I had a small part to play in that, then the effort was well worth it.        
What job would you pursue if you weren’t in finance? 
I would have tried to become a college professor. Learning and teaching full time – and being paid to do it, at that – doesn’t sound bad to me at all.