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traditional mentorship arrangement in the workplace is a senior employee sharing knowledge and insights with a newer, usually younger, colleague. Reverse mentorship turns that concept on its head. In this scenario, the less-seasoned professional acts as the mentor, offering advice to a more experienced coworker.
If it sounds like an unusual, not to mention counterintuitive, arrangement, it’s getting traction in many companies — and for good reason. Here are five ways reverse mentoring can benefit junior mentors and their senior mentees:
  1. It broadens the perspectives of both professionals
  2. It facilitates the transfer of soft skills
  3. It helps build confidence
  4. It promotes lifelong learning
  5. It builds bridges between different generations in the workforce
How to launch a reverse mentoring program
If you’re ready to implement a reverse mentoring program, here are a few tips to get you going:
  • Know your “why” — There’s a buzz around reverse mentoring right now, but that’s not reason enough to launch a program. Before you start, make sure you can articulate why you’re doing it and how it advances the goals of the business and its employees. It’s the first thing prospective candidates will want to know.
  • Make it measurable — Setting some metrics from the outset will allow you to track your reverse mentoring program’s successes and shortcomings. Keep up with participants over the next year, two years or five years to see how the program has helped them in their careers.
  • Involve the right people — When you’re just starting out, choose participants who are passionate about the program and likely to champion it to their colleagues.
Learning can always be a two-way street. By cutting across traditional hierarchies and empowering your less-experienced employees to guide their more experienced colleagues, you can build a learning culture in your organization where everyone feels invested in and valued.
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