Crowe "What to Expect in 2024 for State Tax Policies"

Top Crowe insights – 2/25/2024 
01   State tax policy: What to expect in 2024

New state income tax policies can impact even those businesses not physically located in the state. Discover three areas that likely will be affected by state tax policies enacted in 2024. (Short video)

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02   What’s in store for fintech partnerships in 2024?

Fintech relationships continue to offer value for both parties. Watch as the Crowe financial services team shares their predictions for what’s facing banks and fintechs in the year ahead. (Short video)

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03   Focus on business continuity management & incident response planning

Business continuity management and incident response planning are vital, but working in silos can cause inconsistencies and gaps. Learn how to stay on track and develop foundational strategies. (Moderate read)

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04   NetSuite user’s guide: 4 steps to implementing a continual ERP improvement program

Organizations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to stay competitive. Explore how some companies are boosting their competitive edge with a 4-step continual ERP improvement program. (Moderate read) 

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05   Uncovering top risks in life sciences for internal audit in 2024

In the evolving world of life sciences, unique challenges and risks are expected for internal auditors in 2024. Crowe specialists offer insight on mitigating risks and determining compliance. (Long read)

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AI in private equity: How to generate immediate value

Is artificial intelligence (AI) practical in your private equity group? Join us as Crowe specialists discuss how PE and portfolio company executives are successfully implementing AI while monitoring risks. Plus, they'll cover practical applications and quick wins by using AI. 
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How to use data for strategic decision-making in metals organizations 

This webinar will explore how the Crowe Metals Accelerator Analytics solution can help metals leaders centralize data, create actionable next steps, and improve value. 
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Webinar Feb. 28
ESG in 2024 

Ever-evolving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations and stakeholder expectations make it hard to focus on one clear strategy. The Crowe team will share key updates and best practices for 2024. 
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Important questions for multinationals: Are you ready for Pillar 2? 

This webinar will provide multinational entities with a better understanding of Pillar 2 framework issues and offer practical guidance on navigating the new global tax environment. 
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How public sector internal auditors respond to economic uncertainty

Join Crowe specialists to learn more about the red flags and key indicators that public sector auditors should pay attention to in today’s economic landscape. 
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Q1 2024 quarterly close: Keep up on accounting trends and topics

Our team of accounting advisory specialists will cover recent accounting developments, regulatory news, and hot topics. 
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