A Message From Our President - January 2022


As we move into 2022, I am reminded of my Boy Scout hiking trips where you would get to what you thought was the peak of the mountain, only to find out there was another higher peak that was still ahead. COVID is starting to feel the same way.

Just as it seemed we were going to be able to put this behind us and return to a more normal routine, a new more contagious variant comes on the scene. I thought the in-person event that we had at Intraytix in October would be the beginning of the return to live events. Unfortunately, we have had to continue with our virtual format for the near term. I do believe we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and am optimistic that this will soon moderate and let us begin to schedule our return to live events.

We plan to schedule an in-person social event as soon as practical that will be free and restricted to our membership. This will be focused solely of renewing our connections and celebrating our return to the format that defines our chapter. We are still working on the timing and details but keep an eye out for the announcement in the near future. We do have some exciting virtual events on the calendar that are described elsewhere in the newsletter. Hopefully we can have strong participation in those events.

As always, I appreciate the efforts of Joe Wendel and our sponsors for stepping up to allow us to continue to provide programming.

I again encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources that FEI offers as part of your membership. Reach out to your fellow members and our chapter sponsors if they can be of assistance to navigate the path to reopening your business, make introductions or any other needs for which they may be able to provide assistance.

Stay safe and I am looking forward to when we can be together in-person.

Best Regards,