A Simple LinkedIn Trick That Will Help You Land Your Next Job Quicker

Use this trick and you’ll never wait for that critical introduction again.

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LinkedIn is the place that business professionals go to search for information, assess credibility, connect with each other, discover business partners, and get recommendations about business topics. It’s also an extremely useful job-seeking tool.

But even when we have the best intentions to help acquaintances and friends as they look for their next role, we often forget to make those introductions we promised. If you’re on the other side, waiting for introductions to be made, you know it can be very frustrating and uncomfortable.

Luckily, Larry Kaufman, Regional Managing Director, Experis Finance, has a simple solution for both sides. “If you change the way you network by creating your own introduction, everything changes.”

These introductions are critical and nowhere are they easier to facilitate than on LinkedIn.  If you find yourself between jobs and you’d like someone to make an introduction for you, simply write the message yourself and provide it to the connector. “If you’re in-transition or you want to meet a board member or you want to meet someone who has a technology you want to use and you see them on LinkedIn, this is how we can expedite the process,” says Kaufman.

Keep a template at the ready and alter it depending on the recipient. Kaufman provided this example during his session at FEI’s 2019 Financial Leadership Summit:

Dear XXXX,

I hope all is well. Please allow me to introduce my very good friend and business peer, Larry Kaufman. He is the Regional Managing Director for the Midwest Region for Experis Finance helping companies with their Accounting/Finance, Tax, Risk Advisory, Project Solutions & Consulting, Professional Resourcing and Direct Hiring needs. You may already know of him, since he has a stellar reputation in Chicago and in other markets across the country. Larry is a global published keynote speaker on LinkedIn, investor, advisor to a technology startup and on the board of a respected charity, Holiday Heroes. He is a connector with an unbelievable rolodex and a very giving person. Expect to hear from Larry to coordinate next steps.

This also works for the connectors. Next time someone would like you to make an introduction, ask that they write a message that you can send on their behalf.