How I Got Here Briefing: Standing Out and When to Jump

The key to career change is being confident taking risks, FEI Engage subscribers leaned from Kevin McBride.

The career path for accounting students and young professionals often starts at a public accounting firm. But there is a point in any journey where you need to make a choice, and some may consider making the jump into management accounting or shifting your career focus entirely.
During a previous How I Got Here live discussion Kevin McBride, SVP, CAO and Corporate Controller ServiceNow, described to FEI Engage subscribers his process for making singnficant career choices and transitions.
Below are some key takeaways from the live presentation. 

How To Stand Out

I think part of it is relationships. I'm surrounded by talent and it fuels being successful in each one of those endeavors.
Also, I'm okay to take a risk. I have a better outcome than if I had just done the safe route. I think taking some risk helps me stand out, or helped me stand out in the past because of the progress we make on whether the process or technical issue may be. Just being a little bit more risk-taking, taking those tough opportunities and being successful in that.

How I Got Here Preview: Making the Jump Into Managment Accounting


What Makes a Good Interview

I don't think that interview is necessarily about your technical capabilities. I think they know that you have that, so be comfortable that you're qualified as the next person. 
What they're looking for is fit.  It's about the person. You're qualified, go in there, be genuine, be prepared, think about your career, think about why you've done things so you're having a fluid conversation. 
If you're doing that and you get the job, great, you were the right fit. If you didn't get the job, great, they were not and you were not a great fit.