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September 14, 2018

3 tips for dealing with pressure at work, the FIRE movement, and Goldman Sachs new CFO.

Goldman Sachs' Incoming CEO Names New CFO


Incoming Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is already shaking things up by naming Stephen Scherr as the bank's new CFO. Martin Chavez, a technologist who has been CFO since May 2017, will return to the firm's trading division. Among Solomon's challenges are to execute on a $5 billion revenue growth plan by expanding the firm's client base and pushing into consumer finance.

Why Bezos Doesn't Fear Regulation


In an interview with David Rubenstein, president of the Economic Club of Washington and co-founder of PE firm Carlyle, Amazon founder Bezos said they can handle whatever regulations come its way. "Whatever regulations are promulgated, this is normal; this is healthy; it's good; we want to live in a society where people are worried about big institutions." He also added that politicians should not vilify big companies.

Breakthroughs Via Blockchain


At the recent Accounting and Finance Show L.A., blockchain and smart contracts dominated conversations. Transactions that used to take hours or days will now take minutes or seconds. This speed also comes with greater security and transparency. Auditing, compliance and reconciliation will all be faster and more accurate -- all without time-consuming or error-prone manual data entry.

Is the FIRE Movement Realistic?

Financial Planning

Millennials especially have embraced the FIRE movement — financial independence, retire early. But advisors say it may not be as rewarding as their clients expect. "In order to achieve a work-optional lifestyle in their 30s and 40s, many clients will need to live on 'shoestring budgets' and forego life's pleasures like vacation, dining out and even going to the movies," shares advisor Anthony Badillo of Gen Y Planning.

3 Tips for Dealing With Pressure at Work


The first is to go to the source of pressure. That could mean talking to a boss that made a large or unrealistic ask from you. Or a cross-functional partner. Or, even a client. Second, assess your workload. If there is a big project you need to get done ASAP, do your best to delegate, automate or outsource your other work that isn’t related to it. Third, when pressure at work spikes, pay special attention to your wellness.