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March 25, 2019

Levi's CFO shares post-IPO plan, a no-deal Brexit is still on the table.

Levi's CFO Shares Post-IPO Plans

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Levi Strauss & Co. CFO Harmit Singh shared, 'Unlike a lot of other companies that are going public we make real money and pay dividends. Our thinking is to continue that as the company performance improves and then start with a modest share buyback to offset dilution.' In terms of M&A opportunities, 'It’s not that we’re taking the IPO money and we’re going to do a large deal. These are more long-term deals that we think could leverage our scale and infrastructure and then grow our returns on an accretive basis.'

Recession Fears Hit Global Market

Business Insider

Fears of a US recession reached new highs during Asian trading hours on the back of bond market warnings. The worries followed a yield curve inversion last Friday, which signaled the bond market's increasing concern about global growth and US recession.

A No-Deal Brexit is Still on the Table


During Thursday night talks, the EU granted Prime Minister Theresa May only a two-week extension to April 12. There’s a small chance May will get her deal approved this week. But, while the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit was quite recently seen as fading, it’s still very possible, making now a good time to examine how it would affect businesses.

How to Begin a Digital Transformation


Plenty of companies have failed in their attempt to switch from an analog system to a digital one, or simply upgrading to more modern systems. Here are some key considerations: Start from the top, address the obvious problems first, address the obvious problems first, become comfortable with data tracking technology, and take security seriously.

Don't Send That Email Just Yet


The average office professional receives 90 emails a day, according to researchers. Before sending, here are four things you should look for: Make sure it’s not emotional. Check the subject line and make sure it’s on topic and typo-free. Check the body for clarity. Finally, check attachments and links.