Five Things You Should Read

September 8, 2017

A massive new cybersecurity breach and the questions it raises and Irma may cost more than you think.

A Cybersecurity Breach at Equifax Left Pretty Much Everyone's Financial Data Vulnerable

The Atlantic

For Americans who want to protect their personal information, there is no way, in our current system, to do so.

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed


Three senior executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in the days after the company discovered a security breach.

What Employees' Financial Unwellness is Costing Their Companies


This stress — or financial unwellness — costs companies, just like it costs us as individuals.

Why Hurricane Irma Could Hurt, a Lot: Much Lies in Harm’s Way

New York Times

Nearly $80 billion of those potential losses in Florida would not be covered by insurance.

Accounting for EQ: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Accountants

In The Black

Improving your emotional intelligence – or EQ – could be the key to building more trust and better rapport with clients of accounting firms.