Five Things You Should Read

September 7, 2017

There are ways the private sector can grow after Harvey but few ways the accounting profession can grow with automation.

Deutsche Bank Boss Says 'Big Number' of Staff Will Lose Jobs to Automation

The Guardian

The CEO said that  accountants who “spend a lot of time basically being an abacus”, who would also be replaced by machines.

7 Signs It's Time to Quit and Look for a New Job

Business Insider

When should you make a change? What signs should you look for? 

The Consequences of Auditing the Auditors

All About Alpha

New research argues that PCAOB adds real-world value and has had a positive impact on corporate financing and investment decisions.

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey


The fallout from Hurricane Harvey and what role the private and public sectors should play when it comes to managing the risks from floods.

Red Sox Cheating Scandal Highlights Apple Watch’s Illicit Uses

New York Times

Not only can you steal pitch signals, but the watch also lets you cheat on exams and steal documents.