Five Things You Should Read

September 6, 2017

Look for more cyber disclosures, the internal control/fraud link revealed and how to rebound after a corporate dumpster fire.

SEC Chief Says Cyber Crime Risks Are Substantial, Systemic


The new head of the SEC says cybersecurity disclosures should be a focus for preparers. 

How to Save Your Career After Losing Your Job (at a Failed Company)


When your job and reputation go down in flames, this is what you need to do.

Your Boss Wants You Back in the Office


The freedom to work from wherever may have come at the expense of corporate culture and productivity.

Research Refutes Sarbanes-Oxley Critics


A new study offers strong evidence of a link between auditor-identified weak internal controls and subsequent fraud cases.

Instead of Panicking, Deal With Your Student Loans Like a CFO Would


A little FP&A can help borrowers eliminate student debt early and avoid paying unnecessary interest.