Five Things You Should Read

September 5, 2017

An SEC seat gets filled with a disclosure expert, quarterly reports get left behind in the UK and know yourself to be a leader.

Columbia Law Professor Jackson Tapped for Democratic Seat on SEC

Bloomberg Law

Jackson is a specialist in executive compensation and co-chaired a panel that pushed to require corporations to disclose their political spending.

The Better You Know Yourself, the More Resilient You’ll Be

Harvard Business Review

The first step in being a leader is understanding your weaknesses and continually adapting to succeed in spite of them.

Push for Pay Transparency Grows Stronger

Chicago Tribune

Once the realm of guesses and compensation experts, pay data is often just a click away.

U.K. Companies Focus Long-Term as Quarterly Reporting Falls

Pensions & Investments

A group of UK money managers has been encouraging London-listed public companies to avoid "managing the business to meet quarterly targets" with increasing success. 

Sweet Contrast: How an Auditor Became the Owner of a Downtown Cafe

CBC News

"Listen to that thing that keeps coming back in your head that won't leave you alone. You need to honour that."