Five Things You Should Read

September 29, 2017

The pass-through boondoggle, revenue recognition and the IPO market, and why CEOs have to be intentional about gender parity.

The Trump Tax Reform's Pass-Through Boondoggle


It's a great deal for the Donald Trumps and Jerry Joneses of the world.

Women on Boards: A Call to Action with Macy’s Terry Lundgren


The pipeline of qualified women boardroom candidates are out there – company CEOs/Boards simply have to be intentional about gender parity.

Equifax’s Latest Offer: Is It Enough?


Equifax is finally taking real steps to help consumers who are the victim of its catastrophic data breach.

Revenue Recognition Implementation Delays Could Stall IPOs

CPA Journal

The majority of private companies contemplating initial public offerings (IPO) are not prepared for FASB’s sweeping revenue standard.

Want to be a Great Business Leader in 5 Years? Master These 4 Skills


Business leaders over the next five years will face three fundamental challenges.