Five Things You Should Read

September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma's losses will add to an already stressed insurance industry, how to think outside the pencil and remembering 9/11.

Irma's Surprise Path May Fuel Insurance Claims


Total damage from Irma could reach about $49 billion, with $19 billion picked up by private insurers.

The New CFO of Heinz Kraft is 29 Years Old


You may have bottles of ketchup in your fridge older than new chief financial officer of Kraft Heinz.

Faber-Castell Doubles Down on the Pencil

Harvard Working Knowledge

How does an old company with a, well, boring product think about innovation, particularly if and when to introduce new technology?

The Climate Metrics That Will Soon Be in Everyone’s Annual Report

Investor Relations Magazine

Investors will have new expectations from the C-suite and the board.

US Commemorates 9/11; Thousands Expected at Ground Zero

ABC News

Sixteen years later, the quiet rhythms of commemoration have become customs.