Five Things You Should Read

October 10, 2017

Why CFOs need to be involved earlier in R&D process, how you can use mindful meditation for better decision-making, and the right environment for developing leaders.

Trump's Spat with Bob Corker Could Doom Tax Reform

Business Insider

With Senate Republicans holding a slim 52-48 majority, the president can’t afford to lose Corker’s vote on issues such as tax reform.

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Save America


Mindfulness meditation involves, among other things, examining your feelings and deciding whether to buy into them, whether to let them carry you away.

CFOs Need To Be Involved Earlier in the R&D Process to Reduce Risks

CFO Innovation

CFOs often leave important decisions, such as the selection of strategically worthwhile projects and how to reduce the likelihood of project failure, to others.

10 Things Making the Economy Incredibly Weird


The economy remains sluggish in the wake of the Great Recession. Here are 10 factors to keep an eye on.

Create The Right Environment To Develop Effective Leaders


There are few things more damaging to a company than taking a group of talented employees and having them report to an ineffective leader.