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November 8, 2017

The words leaders have on their resumes, Amazon cited more than Trump in company financial results over last 5 years.

Amazon Cited More Than Trump in Company Financial Results Over Last 5 Years

Market Watch

According to experts, competitive risks, especially from disruptive technologies, appear to have stronger and longer-term effects than current regulatory issues. Amazon's pull on company earnings speaks to the online retailer's size and clout in a wide and growing array of industries.

A Sobering Reality for TV and Film Industries


Though the Fox-Disney deal may not transpire, the premise of the talks reflects the pressure traditional television and film companies feel to compete with Big Tech. Cord-cutting is putting the squeeze on cable networks while technology players are fast entering the content business, proving that anyone can make TV serials if they have a few extra billion dollars.

Cryptocurrency is a "Total Bubble." Here's How That's Good


Cryptocurrency pioneer Joseph Lubin said the market is “totally a bubble” - insisting that’s a healthy signal. Lubin claims it's the kind of bubble that occurs when technology emerges and can't build out its infrastructure fast enough. Bitcoin’s seven-fold increase this year has ramped up speculation among investors over price sustainability and whether supply-demand analysis applies to technologies that are opaque and mostly unregulated.

Can Great Literature Improve Economic Forecasting?


A survey of American professors found that fewer than half of economists believed they had something to learn from other fields. According to the authors of "Cents and Sensibility: What Economics Can Learn from the Humanities," economists, no less than the rest of us, do what Jane Austen’s novels all warn us against: they let their “pride and prejudice” block perception of contrary evidence and their own failures.

These Words On Your Resume Suggest You're a Leader


There are several words you can use in your resume to illustrate your ability to lead, manage money, develop others, and influence. Using words like "pioneered," "piloted," "negotiated," and "prompted" are among those that may just get you your dream job.