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November 3, 2017

It will take 100 years to reach gender equality, and the challenges for America's retail CFOs.

Disappointing News: The Gender Gap Is Actually Getting Wider

Fast Company

The World Economic Forum's latest Global Gender Gap report reveals that not only has equality stalled out, it's taken a move back from 2016's estimated 83 years to close the gap between men and women. The U.S. fell four places to 49th place among the 144 countries ranked.

A 25% Rate for Pass-Through Businesses

Business Insider

The proposed pass-through tax rate will not apply to professional service partnerships, such as accounting, law and consulting firms. Pass-through businesses that are eligible for the new rate will have the option of declaring 70 percent of their income as wages, subject to the personal rate of the owner, and 30% as business income subject to the new 25% rate, or set the ratio of the business’ wage income to business income based on the amount of their capital investment.

Poor Projections Complicate Financial Planning for Retail CFOs


Retailers' off-base forecasts demonstrate how quickly the sector is changing and how little ability executives have to plan for it, let alone manage it. The misses are important because executives need to be able to understand their business if they want to make the investments necessary to save it.

The Financial Plight of Retiring Women


Your golden years might be a little less golden if you’re a woman. More women are working as they approach retirement, and there's a glaring gender gap when it comes to retirement security. Factors like age, marital status and race can all impact the financial circumstances of retired women.

Do These 8 Things First Thing to Have a Better Workday


You can delay checking email, take time to visualize what you want, squeeze in a workout, or meditate in the morning to have a better workday. Exercise and meditation can be especially helpful to sharpen focus and make better decisions.