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November 27, 2017

Uber facing multiple lawsuits, and why you're unpopular with your colleagues.

The Battle for the CFPB


After the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's first director, Richard Cordray stepped down on Friday, President Trump tapped Mick Mulvaney, his director of the Office of Management and Budget, to be the acting director. Cordray had already elevated his chief of staff, Leandra English, to the position of deputy director, which made her the acting director upon Cordray’s departure. English has filed a suit asking for courts to confirm her as the director. English is dedicated to the mission of the CFPB, while Mulvaney, while in congress, voted to eliminate the agency.

If You're Doing These 5 Things at Work, You're Probably Not Very Well Liked


If you're not careful when choosing your words, putting yourself first, in the habit of giving backhanded compliments, equating your experiences, or being a conversational "steamroller," you're likely coming off as condescending to your co-workers. Be aware of these symptoms to decrease your likelihood of inspiring groans from your team members.

Uber Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Fast Company

After it was revealed that Uber paid hackers $100,000 to stay silent about the data breach of 57 million account holders, regulators around the world announced that they were investigating the company. Uber can now add three potential class-action lawsuits to the difficult issues it has to deal with.

Important Considerations for Lease Accounting

Journal of Accountancy

There are several practical considerations that can help entities as they implement the new standard, including developing a defined strategy and timeline, preparing for more time and effort than you may anticipate (especially when it comes to complex real-estate-related leases), and identifying measurement metrics depending on the country of origin.

What Happens When Leaders Take Advantage of Executive Coaching


A big benefit of working with an executive coach is that, if your coach is effective, he or she will help you build skills to see yourself more clearly. Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability, and employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly. Executive coaches can also help you to build more productive relationships by pushing you to recognize a tendency you may have to gravitate towards the same types of people.