Five Things You Should Read

November 24, 2017

The best city to retire and decision-making advice from Elon Musk.

Mitsubishi Admits Faking Data


Mitsubishi Materials said Thursday that it had falsified data on multiple products for more than a year, adding to Japan's growing list of corporate scandals. Only last year, the company's automotive subsidiary, Mitsubishi Motors, admitted to cheating on fuel efficiency.

Blockchain Predictions for 2018


Blockchain will move beyond the financial sector and overlap with the Internet of Things (devices connected to the internet). "Smart contracts" (those that will execute automatically when conditions are filled) will become more prevalent, politicians will take advantage of blockchain-derived currencies, and a large number of blockchain initiatives will fail.

It's Time to Review Your Digital Presence


The end of the year is an ideal time to reflect on and update your digital footprint. Take the time to update your accolades, check your privacy settings, update profile photos, and start a content habit. Taking these and other steps will help you put your best foot forward online next year.

Pittsburgh Named Best City to Retire

Fox Business

"Steel City” has been named the best metro area to retire, according to a new report by Though warm weather is typically a major factor for retirees, high-quality medical care and an affordable cost of living are just as if not more important. Pittsburgh was followed by Boston, Los Angeles, Denver and Providence.

Decision-Making Advice From Elon Musk


To be a visionary like Musk, you need the ability to sell your ideas to the masses and anticipate concerns. In a recent profile in Rolling Stone, Musk shared the scientific method he applies to his business, which includes drawing a conclusion and attempting to disprove it.