Five Things You Should Read

May 19, 2017

Are Non-GAAP rules too strict? A case for a luxury tax on CEO pay, and Captain Sully on thriving under pressure.

Sen. Warren Blasts Treasury Sec. Mnuchin for Double-Speak on '21st-Century Glass-Steagall'


Mnuchin said "it is a complicated question" when asked what a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act means.

How Our Company Learned to Make Better Predictions About Everything

Harvard Business Review

Most business forecasts fail to include measurable outcomes and are not recorded, so it is hard to know if we are even getting better at them.

This Former CEO Wants a Luxury Tax on CEO Pay

Market Watch

If a luxury tax is good enough for Major League Baseball, it’s good enough for corporate America.

Are the SEC’s Non-GAAP Rules Too Strict?


There's an awful lot of gray area around the topic of what companies should or shouldn't do in their presentations of the unofficial metrics.

How To Build A Team That Manages Risk


Captain Sully on how he saved Flight 1549, how to thrive under pressure in business and life, and how to build a team that manages risk.