Five Things You Should Read

March 8, 2017

Risk management in an era of deregulation, the demand for logistics robots, and avoiding office burnout.

Risk Management, Best Practices Are Even More Crucial in an Era of Deregulation

Compliance Week (subscription may be required)

Regulatory change has been fast and furious ever since President Donald J. Trump took office and the 115th Congress gaveled into session.

Demand for Warehouse and Logistics Robots is About to Explode

Fast Company

What was a $1.9 billion market in 2016 will jump a staggering tenfold to an annual $22.4 billion by the end of 2021.

Health Insurers Would Get Fatter Tax Break on CEO Pay Under GOP Health Plan


Health insurance companies stand to gain a bigger tax break for CEO pay in the Obamacare revamp.

The Era of Overconfident CEOs Is Waning

WSJ (subscription may be required)

Strong-headed managers who rarely admit mistakes are struggling in an era of flat organizations, greater transparency.

Burnout Isn't Just Unpleasant, It Can Damage Your Brain. Here's How to Avoid It


Research shows that not only does burnout affect your mood and productivity--it actually affects your brain function.