Five Things You Should Read

March 7, 2017

A test for your CIO, embracing AI in your business, and when to fire good people.

House Republicans Release Long-Awaited ObamaCare Replacement Bill

Fox News

Calls to eliminate the myriad taxes and penalties tied to the original legislation while still preserving certain patient protections.

Why You Should Let Artificial Intelligence Creep Into Your Business


Artificial intelligence can be a threat to your business--unless you learn how to use it.

10 Ways To Kill (Or Coronate) Your CIO


So if you’re a CEO, COO or CFO, or the Chairperson of a Board of Directors, here’s how to kill – or coronate – your CIO.

Wrongful Benefit: Should Companies Profit from the Past?


Should it be permissible for companies to profit from past decisions that have proven to be detrimental?

When You Have to Fire Good People

Harvard Business Review

Firing involves an element of selling. It requires empathy, asking the right questions, and guiding someone to your desired outcome in an authentic and honest way.