Five Things You Should Read

March 10, 2017

The price tag for infrastructure, CFOs warn against easing SOX rules, and 5 books every leader should read.

Tyson Foods New CEO Talks About Leadership


Tom Hayes has been in the top job only since January 1st but he’s already shaken up his executive leadership and is looking for acquisitions.

Is There a Link Between Stock Options and Accounting Fraud?

CPA Practice Advisor

Is it possible to theorize on the link between performance-based corporate executive compensation and accounting fraud?

Trump Promises $1 Trillion for Infrastructure, but the Estimated Need is $4.5 Trillion

Washington Post

The price tag for redemption has grown steadily for 15 years while an expanding country focused on building new infrastructure rather than maintaining existing systems that were nearing the end of their natural life.

Former HealthSouth CFOs Warn Against Easing SOX Rules

WSJ (Subscription may be required)

Two former finance chiefs say loosening the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate governance law is a bad idea. They should know–it’s the legislation that helped send them to jail.

5 Books Steve Jobs Thought Every Leader Should Read


The legendary Apple founder drew inspiration from novels, business books, and guides to spirituality.