Five Things You Should Read

June 8, 2017

Train your way to success, Women CEOs in Fortune 500 at all-time high, and Trump's infrastructure plan.

Jamie Dimon Says Millions of Men Missing From Labor Market is Big Problem for Economy

Market Watch

Economists offer lots of explanations for the mystery of the missing men.

Democrats Say Trump’s Infrastructure Plan is 'Just a Private Money-Making Operation'

Business Insider

First out of the gate to comment on the plan was Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Why Lifelong Learning is Our Competitive Advantage in the Automation Age

Accounting Web

New technologies are transforming our profession, and they’re also transforming the skills we’ll need to stave off extinction.

The Number of Women CEOs in the Fortune 500 is at an All-Time High — of 32

The Washington Post

Last year, it had just 21 women CEOs on the list, and for the 2014 fiscal year, there were 24.

Want to Train Yourself to Succeed? Science Says These 3 Things Matter Most


A National Science Foundation-funded review of 61 success studies found these three things cited over and over again.