Five Things You Should Read

June 6, 2017

The most powerful cloud-computing vendors, why you hate your boss, and a victory for Wall Street.

Supreme Court Rules to Limit SEC Power to Recover Profit From Fraud

Washington Post

A victory for Wall Street and another blow to the regulator's enforcement powers.

Hate Your Boss? It Might All Be Your Fault

Fast Company

50% of people who quit identify their boss as the reason they left.

Tech Teams Rush to Catch Up as New Accounting Rule Looms

WSJ (subscription may be required)

IT departments are writing new code, upgrading their systems and investing in expensive software.

Meet The Cloud Wars Top 10: The World's Most-Powerful Cloud-Computing Vendors


A weekly ranking of the enterprise-tech companies that are doing the best job of aligning their cloud technology to the rapidly evolving needs of businesses.

Leadership Takes Self-Control. Here’s What We Know About It

Harvard Business Review

Philosophers and psychologists have been discussing the importance of self-control for ages.