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Five Things You Should Read

June 5, 2017

What makes a good boss, concerns over Venezuela "hunger bonds," and CEOs on Paris deal.

Top CEOs Tell the CEO President: You're Wrong on Paris

CNN Money

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt is not happy with President Trump. And he's not alone.

What Makes a Good Boss


For those managers who haven’t yet grasped the behaviors exhibited by their more venerated leadership colleagues, read on.

Green Reporting Takes Root


As more investors link sustainability with alpha, they press issuers for meaningful environmental and social disclosures.

Trump Administration Concerned About U.S. Firms Giving Financial 'Lifeline' to Venezuela


Venezuela’s political opposition and some U.S. lawmakers have condemned the purchase of so-called "hunger bonds" as a way to prop up President Nicolas Maduro's cash-strapped government.

The 1 Trait Shared by the Greatest CEOs (That You Won't Find in Business Books)


Ownership is the key to navigating a successful career.