Five Things You Should Read

June 19, 2017

Fortune 500 companies still iffy on rev rec rules, Amazon vs. Wal-Mart, and how introverts network.

The Decline of the Baronial C.E.O.

NYT (subscription may be required)

Corporate giants once had all-powerful chiefs with domains to match. But activist investors and technological change are remaking the executive suite.

While He's Taking a Break, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Should Study Elon Musk

Business Insider

Uber is in full-on crisis mode, after spending 2016 making Tesla look like old news.

With Whole Foods, Amazon on Collision Course With Wal-Mart


With its $14 billion purchase of the grocery chain, the largest e-commerce company announced its intention to take on Wal-Mart in the brick-and-mortar world.

Half of Fortune 500 Still Noncommittal on New Revenue Rules

Compliance Week (Subscription may be required)

More than one-fourth of Fortune 500 filers still had not figured out how they will be affected by the new rules as of April and May.

How to Network If You Don’t Like Talking to Strangers


If there’s one word in the work world that makes introverts cringe most, it’s probably “networking.”