Five Things You Should Read

July 7, 2017

How CFOs can take control of transaction processing, GE's latest acquisition, and the importance of positive feedback.

These Are the 10 Best Places to Work - And They're Hiring Like Crazy


There’s a common thread running through Indeed’s latest list of the best places to work.

How CFOs Can Take Control of Transaction Processing

Financial Director

Finance transformation requires not just a new reporting tool and strategy, but a start-over mindset and a total technology rethink.

GE’s Latest Acquisition Highlights Need to Boost Earnings and Cash Flow

Market Watch

Baker Hughes deal has raised leverage and weakened cash flows, says Moody’s.

How to Leave Work Behind While on Vacation

Accounting Web

Technology is incredible, but while it allows you to stay in touch from anywhere, it gives others a leash to always keep you close. How can you “cut the cord” while on vacation?

The Vital Role Of Positive Feedback As A Leadership Strength


A surprisingly large number of managers resist giving their direct reports any kind of positive or negative feedback at all.