Five Things You Should Read

July 3, 2017

Tax reform is getting real, CFO caught red handed and don't be a burnout.

Scoop: Bannon Pushes Tax Hike for Wealthy


Bannon has told colleagues he wants the top income tax bracket to "have a 4 in front of it."

PM Narendra Modi Wants 4 Indian Accounting Firms in World's Big-8

Economic Times

"People talk of the Big 4 accounting firms. Sadly, there is no Indian firm there."

The Whistleblower Who Revealed Accounting Irregularities at Fuji Xerox

It all started with an email from somebody called "Tony Night".

Health Insurance CFO Gets 1 Year for Embezzling $632,000


The former chief financial officer of a Washington state health insurance company has been sentenced to a year in prison for embezzling $632,000.