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Five Things You Should Read

July 17, 2017

Moving to the "Big City" to land a job is back in style, leadership through email and inflation pressures grow.

Firms Under Pressure as Labor Drought Grows, U.S. Survey Shows


Many economists expect the jobs market to start putting pressure on wages and inflation.

This CEO's Viral Email is a Master Class in Great Leadership


Many people in leadership fail to remember this simple, yet important part of their job.

The Financial Reporting Council Will Need More Firepower

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s independent auditor Financial Reporting Council has been up and running well, but with only 22 staff on hand .

As Companies Relocate to Big Cities, Suburban Towns are Left Scrambling

Washington Post (subscription may be required)

Economic opportunities are shifting to a handful of top cities and jobs become harder to find in some suburbs and smaller cities.

Study Says Women are Better at Crowdfunding


The results are in contrast to more established and off-line funding mechanisms for startups such as venture capital.