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January 3, 2018

6 cyber threats to prepare for in 2018,  BP's $1.5 billion charge, and some fresh tips for climbing the corporate ladder.

BP, Like Shell and Others, to Incur a One-Off Charge for Tax Changes

Fox Business

BP P.L.C. said on Tuesday that it will incur a $1.5 billion charge due to changes in the tax code, the latest global firm to forecast a near-term earnings blow as a result of the recently-approved legislation. Last week, Royal Dutch Shell said it also expects its fourth quarter results to suffer a setback. But it’s not just oil companies potentially facing large costs. Barclays, which is headquartered in London, expects to owe $1.3 billion, while Credit Suisse could pay $2.3 billion.

Steinhoff's Accounting Problems Run Deeper


The review being carried out by accounting firm PwC now suggests that “accounting irregularities” may stretch beyond 2015. The accounting scandal marks a fall from grace for the retailer which has grown rapidly via an international M&A spree that began in 2011 with the acquisition of Conforama, Europe’s second biggest furniture retailer.

Want a Promotion in 2018? Focus on These Things.


Glassdoor asked bosses and managers which qualities they look for when considering promotions. Demonstrating collaboration and the ability to learn from failure will likely give you an advantage. Your ability to collaborate is just as important as your ability to work independently and how you handle your mistakes can show your boss you can be resilient.

6 Cyber Threats to Prepare for to This Year

Harvard Business Review

In 2018 you can expect to see more huge data breaches like the Equifax cyberattack, ransomware targeting cloud computing businesses, the weaponization of AI, cyber-physical attacks (hacks targeting electrical grids, transportation systems, and other parts of countries’ critical infrastructure), mining cryptocurrencies, and hacking elections.

You Need to Work on Your Executive Presence


Like other aspects of your career that you cultivate and curate, executive presence is something you can work on to achieve proficiency. Body language is especially important. Follow three simple rules: up, open and out. Stand up straight and be upbeat. Keep arms and legs (when standing) uncrossed so that your body tells people you’re open and accessible. Move out, toward people, rather than hanging back. carry yourself in a manner that suggests you’re confident, you want to be there and you’re ready to engage.