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January 11, 2018

What leadership will look like in 2018, FASB addresses financial reporting impacts of new tax law.

Berkshire Hathaway to Add New Directors to Board

Fox Business

Berkshire Hathaway Inc on Wednesday promoted two of its top executives, Gregory Abel and Ajit Jain, cementing their widely viewed status as potential successors to Warren Buffett as the conglomerate's chief executive. Both were also added to Berkshire's board, increasing the number of directors to 14 from 12. Buffett has long said Berkshire's board, whose members include Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates, will be ready to install a new chief executive should he step down, die or become incapacitated.

FASB to Issue Proposal on Tax Reform

Journal of Accountancy

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) addressed numerous financial reporting implications of P.L. 115-97, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, yesterday in an effort to provide financial statement preparers with timely answers to questions they have posed. FASB plans to issue the exposure draft next week with a two-week comment period.

Make These Changes to Improve Work Culture


Patty McCord was Netflix’s chief talent officer for 14 years, a company known for generous salaries, yearlong 100% paid parental leave policy, and unlimited vacation days (within reason). McCord says organizations should reconsider any workplace policies that aren't based on law - like keeping track of time off or annual performance reviews.

What Leadership Will Look Like in 2018

Fast Company

Some leadership lesson from this year's Fast Company Innovation Festival includes learning to move quickly without rushing, finding ways to keep calm during times of stress, taking a position on difficult issues, and understanding that diversity is not just a social issue but a business requirement.