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December 27, 2017

Is your workplace culture toxic?; SEC offers guidance on effects of tax cuts.

SEC Offers Guidance on Effects of Tax Cuts

Accounting Today

The SEC is providing guidance on ASC Topic 740, the FASB Accounting Standards Codification for accounting for income taxes. In the guidance, the SEC gives companies some leeway on making reasonable estimates of the potential impact of the new tax law.

Company Culture is an Important Driver of Success


Fortune 500 company leadership adviser Annie McKee shares that "Unfortunately, too many of our organization's cultures do no help us to accomplish our goal, much less be happy." Being a part of such a negative work environment stifles talent, hijacks your success and makes you miserable. If your workplace's culture is toxic, speak up and help push for a "resonant culture" of fairness, integrity, respect, and compassion.

You May Not Be Using LinkedIn Correctly


There are a few big mistakes we can make when it comes to our LinkedIn profiles. One is not checking your privacy settings before updating your profile (which means you may be oversharing). Having an outdated profile picture could also affect your credibility. Another mistake is not filling in the description box and other fields like "Experience, "Education," and "Accomplishments."

CEOs React to GOP Tax Bill, And It's Not Good


At the annual Yale CEO Summit, hundreds of the country's top executives gave their reactions to the GOP's tax bill. Of more than 100 executives in a Yale survey, 86% said their firms would not “immediately make large domestic capital investments” if the tax bill was passed. They spared few critiques of the bill: 71% said it was “wrong for this package to add so much to the nation’s debt,” 62% called its treatment of state and local taxes “an unfair attack on blue states,” and 62% were “concerned about the health care impact of the tax proposal.”

4 Traits of Forward-Looking Leaders

Harvard Business Review

When it comes to inventing the future, the most effective leaders are not only teachers, but insatiable learners. Leaders of the future have to be prepared to disrupt themselves, if necessary, should practice "tough-minded optimism," and must be willing to experiment. In any field, leaders who move their organizations forward are the ones who can re-imagine what they’ve always done, refresh and reinterpret the products and services they offer, and unleash bold experiments about what comes next.