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December 22, 2017

Why Tesla should pay attention to this accounting rule, and the best advice for managing email over the holidays.

Why Companies Like AT&T and Wells Fargo Are Connecting Pay Raises to Tax Reform

Los Angeles Times

The bank originally implied a direct link between pay raises and the tax legislation in a news release shortly after Congress passed the tax overhaul, but later denied a connection. On Thursday, however, Wells Fargo spokesman Peter Gilchrist backtracked. Public Policy Analyst Ed Mills suggests the announcements (from companies like AT&T Inc., Boeing Co., Comcast Corp., Fifth Third Bank) indicates a coordinated public relations move designed to curry favor with Trump and congressional Republicans.

The Shifting Treatment of "Sexual Misconduct"

The Atlantic

Until this reckoning, women’s efforts to hold men accountable for bad behavior largely took place in the legal realm. What is taking place today is not the rule of law, but of public outrage—the rebirth of shaming. As the public outrage over sexual misconduct gains force, it is swallowing up an increasingly diverse range of allegations, from the relatively petty to the truly monstrous.

10 Best Leadership Books of 2017

Fast Company

If you’d like to unplug and reset before diving into 2018, give one of these business and leadership books a try. Topics range from building confidence, understanding our tendencies, hitting refresh, sexism, and facing adversity.

Why Tesla Should Pay Attention to This Accounting Rule

Seeking Alpha

The new FASB accounting rule says "Substantial doubt about an entity’s ability to continue as a going concern exists when relevant conditions and events, considered in the aggregate, indicate that it is probable that the entity will be unable to meet its obligations as they become due within one year after the date that the financial statements are issued (or available to be issued)." Though Tesla has a $55 billion equity valuation, according to the new rule the mere expectation of a capital raise is not sufficient to alleviate the going concern qualification evaluation process.

The Best Advice for Managing Email Over the Holidays


If you have to stay connected over the holidays make sure to turn off push notifications and use tools like Inbox Pause to minimize the amount of email notifications you receive throughout the day. By scheduling your email batches to hit your inbox only two or three times a day at pre-specified times, you’re less likely to get distracted by the notifications, but still feel comfortable knowing you’ll see any urgent requests or important updates.