Five Things You Should Read

December 19, 2016

The impact of D&A on the manufacturing industry, how the interest rate hike will affect your retirement, and 3 reasons to find a new job in 2017.

The Future of the Audit Industry: From Masses of Data, to Meaning

Accountancy Age

Auditors are increasingly in need of different skills to adapt to new user needs.

Digging Deep Into Republican Tax Proposals

Accounting Today

As of Jan. 20, 2017, the Republicans will control both Congress and the presidency, putting them in a prime position to enact their tax agenda.

The Impact of Big Data and Analytics on Manufacturing


Industry disruptors like Google, Tesla, and Uber have used the many benefits presented by big data to expand into new markets, improve customer relations, and enhance the supply chain in multiple market segments.

How the Fed Rate Hike Will Affect Your Retirement Income


For bond fund investors, there's a silver lining to interest rate spikes.

3 Reasons to Find a New Job in 2017, According to an Economist


This year, personal resolutions aren’t the only reason you should consider touching up your resume.