Consolidations Webinar: How the Proposed Update Could Impact Your Company

Sponsored by Deloitte

Join Deloitte and FEI to learn about the proposed changes to the consolidation guidance and how they may affect your company.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) will be issuing a proposed update to the current consolidation guidance (ASC 810). This proposed update will have a significant impact to entities across all industries, but it may be felt strongest in the financial services sector. The guidance removes a deferral that the FASB issued in 2010, and effectively eliminates the multiple variable interest entity (VIE) models that exist today. The guidance also substantially changes the model for assessing and evaluating all limited partnerships, regardless of their status as a VIE or a Voting Interest Entity (VoE), as well as the means by which related-party relationships impact the VIE primary beneficiary identification.

Join Deloitte and FEI professionals on Thursday, November 20, 2014, for a live, 90 minute webinar that will discuss:

  • Technical overview of the proposed updates, including:

- Determining whether a limited partnership is a VIE

- Which related party, if any, is the primary beneficiary

- How service provider/decision maker fee arrangements impact an entity’s consolidation analysis

  • Insights into some of the challenges of early adoption, including:

- Increased disclosures

- Analyzing all entities (entities previously deferred or not considered a VIE)

- Accounting for deconsolidated entities

We hope you can participate and learn more about how these potential changes may affect your company. Register for the webcast today.