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Complimentary e-Book: Financial Reporting and Disclosure Management For Dummies

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In this free e-book, learn how to optimize your financial reporting processes and experience the strategic benefit of best-in-class disclosures. Join more than 2,000 finance professionals already using this book as a guide to smarter disclosure management.

Managing the financial reporting process and creating smarter disclosures has become more challenging with increased regulatory pressure, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Let the e-book Financial Reporting and Disclosure Management for Dummies ease your pains and guide the way toward smarter disclosures.

Government rules and regulations say that your company must be compliant, but is being compliant sufficient?

You might survive for a while if you simply comply with regulatory requirements, but adopting a basic checklist mentality for disclosing information isn’t the best approach. By doing so, you might miss important opportunities to let your investors know what is vital to your company’s strategic success. If you want to do more than survive — if you want to succeed, you need to create disclosures that appeal to investors in a way that makes them confident in your company.

Gaining market share and experiencing improved valuations are firmly dependent on results. Contrary to the old adage that “the numbers speak for themselves,” generating results and communicating them successfully is not the same thing. When content isn’t delivered clearly or reports contain errors, the hard work that went into producing positive financial results is moot.

Why not use the changing and dynamic regulatory environment to your advantage? Instead of dealing with regulatory requirements as an onerous task, make the disclosure process an opportunity. Use effective disclosure management processes to produce reports that serve as important valuation increasing instruments. In short, make smarter disclosures and attract investors.

So, what exactly are smarter disclosures?

Download the e-book and read the rest of this chapter to find out.