Five Things You Should Read

August 30, 2017

The path to CFO, the data that helps companies get to know their employees, and why companies may be to blame for our economy problems.

11 Tech Leaders Share The Real Truth About Artificial Intelligence (And What Really Matters )


The truth is, some AI is too complex and unnecessary for businesses to be worrying about investing in for their brand at this stage.

Basically Every Problem in the US Economy Is Because Companies Have Too Much Power


What happens if, for whatever reason, competition in an economy dwindles, and companies are able to ratchet up prices much higher than what it costs to produce them?

Trump Kicks off Tax Reform Pitch

The Hill

President Trump is set to kick off his sales pitch on tax reform Wednesday with a speech in Missouri.

CFO of McDonald’s UK on How He Became CFO

Financial Director

John Park has been CFO for McDonald’s UK since the beginning of 2016, and is responsible for finance, supply chain and legal oversight of the North West Division.

Email and Calendar Data Are Helping Firms Understand How Employees Work

Harvard Business Review

Using data science to predict how people in companies are changing may sound futuristic.