Five Things You Should Read

August 3, 2017

The honest truth about brutal honesty, tax reform is the new health care, and 6 ways to curb the costs of a data breach.

1 in 4 Americans Thinks Time Travel Will Happen Before Gender Equality in Business


The survey also found that male attitudes are keeping women from getting ahead at work.

For Republicans, Tax Reform is the New Health Care

Vanity Fair

The G.O.P.’s effort to overhaul the tax code is off to a rocky start.

6 Ways to Curb the Costs of a Data Breach


2017 has provided a steady and impressive litany of data breach victims, from video games to hotels to burrito shops to nearly every American voter.

Tesla Mum on New Accounting Rules That Could Significantly Change Financial Results

Market Watch

New revenue-recognition standards will likely have big effect on Tesla revenue, but company has not addressed it in meaningful way.

Stop Priding Yourself on Being Brutally Honest


The truth already hurts. If you intentionally put the pain in the process, maybe you’re honest; maybe you’re guilty of being just a little too brutally honest.