Five Things You Should Read

August 22, 2017

How to go public without an IPO, a tax plan takes shape and getting old and hating work.

SEC is Investigating Spotify’s Plans to Go Public Without an IPO


A direct listing from Spotify would offer an interesting test case for an alternative to IPOs.

Trump’s Team and Lawmakers Making Strides on Tax Reform Plan


The so-called Big 6 have found common ground on the best ways to pay for individual and corporate tax cuts.

People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35


The shiny newness of life in the workforce begins to wear off.

Economists Still Can’t Decide Whether the Minimum Wage is a Good Thing


The minimum wage has become a battleground for economists.

A Senior Female Banker's Advice About Succeeding on Wall Street

Yahoo Finance

Females only account for only 37% of MBA students.