Five Things You Should Read

August 1, 2017

Companies favor modified adoption of rev rec, Financial Reporting Council investigating Deloitte audit, and the benefits of a productive weekend.

Watchdog Probes Deloitte Audit of Mitie Accounts

Financial Times

Financial Reporting Council investigation follows profit warnings by outsourcing firm.

Nearly Half of Companies Say They Don’t Have the Digital Skills They Need

Harvard Business Review

The companies that think their employees’ digital IQs are unimportant are probably few and far between.

Companies Clearly Favor Modified Adoption of Revenue Rule

Compliance Week (Subscription may be required)

Investors would love to see three years’ worth of financial statement data presented under the new accounting method. It is clear, however, that is not going to happen.

Mooch is Out After 10 Days - Apropos of Nothing, Here are Some Hiring Tips

Fast Company

Scaramucci didn’t fit culturally with many in the White House, at least according to numerous reports.

How I Use Weekends And Mondays To Stay Productive (And Sane) All Week

Washington Post

The things that will help your business succeed–plus keep you stay sane and happy in the process.