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Five Things You Should Read

April 20, 2017

How "Buy American" can harm the economy, labor market continues to tighten, and how to welcome diversity.

How FASB Real Estate Lease Standards Expose Conflicts Of Interest

Huffington Post

When the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued new guidance on leases, it moved corporate real estate decisions to the desk of the chief financial officer.

The Many Ways 'Buy American' Can Harm the Economy

The Atlantic

Barring the government from contracting with foreign firms will decrease competition and squander tax dollars.

Employers are Having a Harder Time Finding Skilled People to Hire, Fed Says

Business Insider

Employers are having a harder time finding skilled workers to hire as the labor market continues to tighten.

Curing The Culture Crisis: What You Can Do To Ensure Your Firm Welcomes Diversity


Talented people are not finding work in the jobs they can do or are being diverted out of the training pipeline entirely, costing them the opportunities the tech field brings.