Five Things You Should Read

April 14, 2017

DB plan sponsors overpaying PBGC premiums, the age of superabundant capital, and the end of corporate culture as we know it.

How CFOs Can Stay on the Pulse With Payment Trends

Financial Director

Technology continues to march forward and new B2B payment and cash management options are springing up to compete in the largest remaining fintech opportunity.

Strategy in the Age of Superabundant Capital

Harvard Business Review

Today financial capital is no longer a scarce resource—it is abundant and cheap.

Lessons From the United Airlines Debacle


United Airlines is in the midst of a major reputational crisis after it decided to forcefully “re-accommodate” a passenger from an overbooked flight on Sunday.

Pension Plans Overpay PBGC Premiums by Millions


Pension plan premium rates tripled over past 5 years, which is all the more reason not to overpay them.

The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

MIT Sloan

In the age of networked enterprise, strong cultures may turn from assets to liabilities.