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FEI Leadership Summit


Since the onset of COVID-19, finance leaders have worked to protect employees, build organizational resiliency and quickly pivot to new technologies. Financial executives are faced with an incredible challenge and opportunity to change and adapt as the world recovers from the pandemic. 

FEI’s Financial Leadership Summit, hosted virtually on May 4, 6, 11, 13, 18 and 20, will help you develop strategies for reducing the fear, uncertainty and stress of these challenging times while guiding your business to success. Together with your peers, invest in yourself to discover the latest trends and best practices from recognized thought leaders so that you can build a better tomorrow for you and your team. 

Discussions  at a Glance: 

  • Investing in You to Build a Better Future 
  • Reinventing Yourself into the Selfless Leader Your Organization Needs 
  • Leadership in a Distracted and Remote World 
  • Driving Innovation Through the Finance Department 
  • HR and Legal Update/Managing Employee Risk Post COVID 
  • AI and the Future of Finance
  • Creating a Culture of Data 
  • Technology’s Role in Changing the Finance Profession 
  • Cyber Threats, The Rise of SPACs, Cash Forecasting and other technical sessions 

Who Should  Attend:  

  • Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and Vice Presidents of Finance can become more effective by attending relevant sessions. 
  • Organizational staff, can learn from industry experts, and gather the tools and strategies for succeeding in their lives and careers.  
  • Both public and private company finance staff benefit from a powerful combination of general sessions and CPE to keep them well informed and improve their productivity and accuracy at work.  
  • Aspiring CFOs can jump-start their career progression and experience new knowledge that they can apply directly in their day-to-day responsibilities.  
  • Current FEI Leaders enjoy a variety of leadership development sessions. and special benefits. 

Attend Financial Leadership Summit and the Finance Elevated Conference
Position your business for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis by attending both the Financial Leadership Summit and Finance Elevated Conference. Register for both to save and gain insights into the business and digital trends that will help reframe the future of finance.