As government contracting budgets tighten there are new challenges but also new opportunities at all levels for companies participating in government contracting. To successfully obtain, retain, and manage government contracts becomes increasingly dependent on a thorough understanding of FAR, DFARS, the DCAA, DCMA, GAGAS, the CAS Board and the plethora of rules, regulations and guidelines that comprise the current government contracting milieu.
FEI has established the Government Contractors Roundtable (GCR) under the auspices of the Committee on Government Business (CGB), similar in scope and function to its successful Private Company Roundtable. The GCR will meet electronically 3-4 times a year, to hear speakers from government agencies, Congressional Committees and prominent government contractors and consultants to discuss issues important to the GCR members and to answer their questions.  In addition, it is anticipated an electronic newsletter may be established using inputs from members of the GCR.  If your company currently bids on government contracts, or intends to become a government contractor, at the federal, state or local levels, we encourage you to join the GCR and participate in its programs, which are free to members.


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